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Ambadiyil Hi-Tech Dairy Farm


To be the most trusted and respected farm & dairy plant, delivering chemical free milk and premium dairy products.


To produce and distribute 1 lakh litres daily in next 3 years.

Our Promises

We prioritize purity and ethical values in our milk production, employing free stall farming methods that allow cows to have food and water at their own discretion, ensuring a stress-free environment.

Future Plans

We maintain a hi-tech farm and continually expand and implement the latest farming technologies and equipment. With a strong supply chain team, we are actively expanding to meet the increased demand and strive to sell our dairy products nationwide, while expanding livestock and facilities to meet growing needs.

About Us

About Us

Ambadiyil Hi-Tech Dairy Farm was established in 2006 by Mr. Anilkumar Thopil, an enthusiastic and passionate dairy farmer.
Our product range includes milk, curd, ghee, butter, paneer, ice cream, and more. In addition, we also engage in sugar cane farming and produce various forms of jaggery, including a special jaggery product called 'Pathiyan Sarkara.' We operate more than 10 retail shops where we deliver all our products, including freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. Moreover, we have milk vending machines located in nearby areas, allowing customers to enjoy farm-fresh cow milk delivered to their doorsteps.

Starting a Farm

Anil Kumar and his father were engaged in the building material supplier business. However, due to labor issues and practical difficulties related to the business, they faced some losses. It was during these challenging times that Anil's immense interest in dairy farming sparked new ideas. In 2006, he finally started his farm with two cows and began selling milk in the neighborhood, with the help of his family.
The first packet of Ambadiyil milk was sold on August 10, 2006. Since its inception, Anil has been delivering half a liter of milk every day to the Thiruvanvandoor Krishna Temple as a token of thanks, free of charge, without fail.

The Best Milk in the State

Over the years, Anil Kumar devoted himself to the dairy farming business, facing numerous struggles for survival. However, he persevered and began to increase procurement and production to meet the growing market demand for farm-fresh milk. The gradual increase in demand for Ambadiyil milk was a result of Anil's commitment to producing and distributing unadulterated, fresh, and pure cow milk. People started recognizing the unique selling proposition (USP) of Ambadiyil milk, which was its unadulterated nature and farm-fresh quality. Moreover, Anil maintained the highest ethical values, which contributed to his success and led to him owning 650+ cows, 80+ buffalos, and so on, as the business continued to grow.

Store Opening

Even though sugarcane farming is not as lucrative nowadays, Anil Kumar's passion drove him to engage in sugarcane farming on 50 acres of land. He has established over 10 retail chain shops exclusively for in-house products, with a special focus on selling freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.

Farm Management

Now the farm is completely running on modern technologies. German-style Free Stall Farming is followed, allowing the cows to have access to water and food according to their own preference. Anil Kumar dreams of becoming one of the top three brands in Kerala.

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Our Farm

It Was Delicious

Stress-Free Grooming

In our dairy farm, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our cows. To ensure that our cows receive proper grooming and care, we have implemented cow brushes equipped with sensors. These innovative brushes are designed to start automatically as soon as a cow approaches them. The sensors detect the proximity of the cow and trigger the brush to activate, providing a soothing and pleasurable experience for the cows.

A Better Cream Life

Cooling Showers

At our farm, we prioritize the comfort and well-being of our cows, and one of the ways we ensure their optimal health is through regular water spraying. We have implemented a system that enables gentle water spraying over the cows to help them cool down and maintain a comfortable body temperature, especially during hot weather. This refreshing mist not only provides relief from heat stress but also helps in minimizing the risk of dehydration.

Where to Buy

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